Parties with Food (is there any other kind?)

Chicken Coop Potluck on Capitol Hill

Learn the ins and outs of raising your own chickens at The Cherry Hill Urban Farm on Saturday, March 6.

By Jessica Voelker March 5, 2010

bak bak bak bak.

I saw this on the CHS blog yesterday, thought it was pretty neat. The Cherry Hill Urban Farm (1127 15th Ave) on Capitol Hill is having a potluck slash BBQ slash chicken coop-building party on Saturday, March 6 from 9am to 9pm, with live music to boot.

But there will also be live chickens poking about, so maybe this isn’t the potluck for showing off your famous CHICKEN WINGS recipe. Or maybe it is, what do I know? I’ve never attended a potluck slash BBQ slash chicken coop-building party. I don’t really know the etiquette. But this sounds fun, and if you’ve ever considered raising your own chickens, here is your golden opportunity to pick the brains of the egg-eating, coop-building elite. Just know that if you bring DEVILED EGGS, the chickens will watch you with their beady little chicken eyes as you offer around your delicious snacks made from their unborn young. Or maybe they won’t. I don’t know!

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