Wing Dome Comes to West Seattle

Hot wings—steaming hot wings—soon available at California Ave SW.

By Jessica Voelker February 25, 2010

Photo Courtesy: Mike Urban

Wondering where to go when the wait is too long at Spring Hill? Wing Dome seems like a natural second choice, right? Okay no it doesn’t. But wings do taste pretty great with a pint of beer, this cannot be denied. And if you’re a skillful enough eater that you can take on a dozen in public, I tip my hat to you. Because if I eat wings, I have to do so at home in the dark, shades pulled down, wearing a bib.

Anyway, the local chain is firming up plans to open up a store on California Ave SW, and here’s when I have to admit that my primary motivation in telling you this is so that I could share this EXTREMELY STEAMY photo that accompanied the press release announcing the Dome’s new venture. Isn’t that crazy? Crazy steamy?

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