Say That Again? I Can’t Hear You!

When is a noisy restaurant too noisy?

By Christopher Werner February 4, 2010

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal posted this article about noisy restaurants. WSJ guesses the surge in “noise traps” has to do with design trends—high ceilings, open kitchens, wood floors—that are more in line with today’s recession-driven informal diner.

I, for one, love a packed restaurant—won’t eat in one that’s not. Nothing really amps up an evening out more than that buzz and energy. Call it a diner’s high. Still, I will agree with WSJ in that there is a fine line between high decibels and obnoxious din. Like if I’m shouting more than I am eating, and when I’m eating food flies out of my mouth because I’m shouting. (I’m looking at you, Oddfellows.)

A quick, informal office poll came up with this list of places to avoid if you’re seeking quiet conversation: Umi, Bastille, Cafe Presse, Black Bottle, Spring Hill, Lola, Crow, Tavolata, Flying Fish

Did we miss any?

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