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Thanks to extra light olive oil, sound sleep is reclaimed.

By Christopher Werner February 25, 2010

There are those who scoff at the thought of cooking with extra light olive oil, claiming it’s nothing more than a barely there, diluted version of the real stuff. Fair enough. But to these naysayers I ask, Have you smelled my kitchen after I’ve pan seared fish? Have you woken up in the middle of the night nauseous because your entire living quarters reek of the Shedd Aquarium? Because it’s happened to me. Many times.

I’ve tried sautéing fish with butter—burns too easily—and regular olive oil—still stinky. Last week a friend mentioned he heard Mario Batali on TV saying ELOO cuts down on fish fetor. Apparently the oil handles high heat better. So I picked up a bottle. QFC carries this big ole’ guy for $6.99 (on sale). Gave the oil a test-run the other night, and ta-da! It worked. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a stink, but it doesn’t linger nearly as long. Think of it this way: I slept soundly.

I’ll keep using ELOO (which is lighter in flavor, not in fat) until something better comes along, so If you’ve got any other cooking-fish tips, I’m all ears.

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