Everyone Drinks Cocktails at Cicchetti

The Italian small-plates spot appears to be the epitome of a wine bar. So why’s everybody drinking the hard stuff?

January 4, 2010

I’ve only tried the romantic, candlelit small-plates spot across the courtyard from Serafina once, but after reading Seattle Met restaurant critic Kathryn Robinson’s glowing micro review of Cichetti, I definitely want to return as soon as possible.

Cicchetti looks like nothing so much as a wine bar, so why is it that on that recent visit in December, I nerdily calculated that 75 percent of the restaurant’s upstairs diners were drinking cocktails? The only explanation is that bar manager Chris Bollenbacher’s reputation precedes him. If you’ve never tried a mixed drink at sister resto Serafina, make sure to start things out with a Visigoth: house-infused wolfberry whiskey, sherry, Italian vermouth, lemon and bitters, or the Trade Wind: aged rum, apricot liqueur, lime juice and gomme syrup.

If you go, keep in mind that Cicchetti is closed on Sundays (weird), and that the wine list is also quite good.

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