Dogs are a frequent sight at some Seattle bars.

Should parents bring small children to bars? Risa Chubinsky thinks not. Her New York Times article from January 15 complained about young Park Slope parents who bring their tots out for drinks generated 362 comments (and counting) on the Times’ web site.

Writes Chubinsky:
No matter what breeders might think, bars are not family-friendly. If I am out drinking and sobbing about a bad breakup, I don’t want my cries to compete with those of an infant sitting next to me. If I go to the bathroom to correct my wayward mascara at the end of a long weekend night, I don’t want to watch a baby being wiped down on the soggy sink counter.

One commenter seconded the piece:
Adults have no rights anymore, only kids have rights.

Another disagreed, and had a suggestion for the writer:
There are probably bars for grouches and prudes also.

Then there were the commenters in the middle:
A yuppie complaining about yuppies. I don’t know which side to take.

It seems that city is divided. Around these parts, we hear more complaints about dogs at places like Summit Tavern on Capitol Hill and Norm’s in Fremont than kids at the bar. Strictly speaking, bars aren’t allowed to allow anyone under 21. But there are plenty of kid-allowing “restaurants” where drinking is the main activity—beer-guzzling destinations like Madrona Alehouse (where there are even toys in the back) and Naked City come to mind.

Does anyone care? And are Seattle parents bringing kids anywhere where they shouldn’t be?

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