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Flying Fish Jumps Ship

After 15 years in Belltown, the well-loved seafood spot moves to South Lake Union.

By Jessica Voelker January 13, 2010

Seattle Times writer Nancy Leson reported this morning that Belltown’s Flying Fish restaurant will be moving to South Lake Union. The new location is at the corner Of Westlake Avenue North and Thomas Street.

Flying Fish chef/owner Christine Keff confirmed to me that she hopes to move by May, and said the 15-year-old Belltown restaurant will be open “almost to the very day” that the new SLU spot starts serving. What changes can we expect? “I think it will feel like the same restaurant but taste and look a little different,” said Keff. She plans to update the decor and add some “lighter more contemporary” dishes to the menu.

Other highend restaurants in the SLU area include John Howie’s Seastar and Mistralkitchen. The latter restaurant’s precursor, Mistral, was also in Belltown. Tom Douglas is reportedly considering a new restaurant in South Lake Union as well, though that project will be further down the line. Stay tuned.

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