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Duck! It’s January!

Campagne goes quackers all month

By Kathryn Robinson January 6, 2010

Now at Campagne…only not as chewy

This month Campagne celebrates the feathered fowl by rolling out its fifth annual 20 Buck Duck offer.

All month, Tuesdays through Sundays, Pike Place Market’s creamiest destination restaurant presents two courses of canard—choose fried duck egg served on mushroom and thyme ragout, or duck liver and gizzard confit on frisee and arugula with red wine vinaigrette as a starter, with an entree of either crispy duck leg confit served on crushed potatoes and roasted shallots, or duck tongue and pulled-duck ragout served on house-made brioche toast.

(Duck tongue? Mais oui. The bony little delicacy has ventured out from Chinese restaurants and entered the world of haute cuisine.)

And both courses, before tax and gratuity and wine of course, cost just $20. Deal of the century, folks.

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