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Mike McSorley Takes Over at Naga Lounge

Fear not, Bellevue. Naga remains committed to serving you good cocktails.

December 11, 2009

Today is opening day at MistralKitchen, where Andrew Bohrer, formerly of Naga Lounge, will be heading up the bar program.

So what’s to become of cocktails in Bellevue? Fear not, fair exurb to the east. Replacing Bohrer at Naga (which is part of the Chantanee family Thai restaurant) will be the talented Mike McSorley, formerly of Tini Bigs, Marjorie, and Troani (the latter two have since closed).

McSorley, who was the runnerup when Naga first hired Bohrer, says he plans to maintain the high quality of the cocktails, add more Japanese whiskies to the program (nothing wrong with that), and host events and cocktail classes in order to familiarize the community with the bar.

Bartender Evan Martin—who McSorley calls “freakishly talented” and who once sent me an awesome Mad Men-inspired cocktail recipe —will stay on at Naga as well.

You’re lucky to have them Bellevue, now go show Naga some love.

I stole this photo from McSorley’s Facebook profile since I didn’t have one. Hope he doesn’t mind.

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