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Anticipating a Holiday Hangover?

Healeo wants to help.

December 8, 2009

Photo Courtesy: Healeo

“Hangover” is not a word I throw around a lot here on Sauced. Not because I am unfamiliar, of course, but because the idea here is to celebrate the upside of imbibing and leave it to you, dear reader, to know your limits.

The holidays are, however, upon us. Many of us will overdo it, and then the piper must be paid. With that in mind I’m offering you this something to slip into your recovery tool belt: Healeo, the health bar on Capitol Hill just a few feet up the condo complex from Anchovies and Olives, has a juice blend of aloe vera, lemon, ginger, beet, and apple. The recipe of owner Justin Brotman, it promotes liver health so you can filter out all the evil and actually enjoy your holiday season. He also has a tincture called “liver detox” that might be worth the investment of $19.95 if you plan on going on a little jingle-bell bender. Bottoms up.

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