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Jones Soda Introduces Calorie-Free Line

The local soda company debuts three new flavors of diet pop.

November 23, 2009

My long-term relationship with diet soda ended in the final days of my senior year of college, after I attempted to live in the library for 24 hours surviving on nothing but Diet Coke, a half-pound bag of gummy worms, and one very lengthy epistolary novel whose acquaintance needed to be made were I to entertain any notion of passing 18th Century English Literature.

But good news for you soda freaks: I just got a press release that Jones Soda is releasing a zero-calorie, Splenda-sweetened line of sodies called Jones Zilch. The sodas come in pomegranate, vanilla bean, and black cherry flavors and appear to be a much better idea than the local company’s last new flavor: tofurky and gravy, which—I hate to be rude, but—sounds like the only thing more yuck than actual tofurky.

The sodas are available at QFC and, in the short term, at the company’s web site.

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