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Local Group Breaks Pub Crawl Record

but where were the women?

October 19, 2009

King’s Hardware: where the last drink was drunk.

In case you missed this weekend’s most important news, a group of UW grads and their friends have broken the “unofficial” record for most bars visited within a single pub crawl. The crawl started at Fonte Cafe and Wine Bar downtown and ended 15 hours at King’s Hardware in Ballard.

The group visited 101 bars in total. “According to official Guinness rules,” reads a Seattle Times article about the event, “one member of the team had to consume a drink at each pub, and they had to walk or use public transportation.”

There are two details in this story that I particularly love:

1. A crawlers’ mother met up with the team along the way to bring them sandwiches and cheer them along. Talk about supportive parenting.

2. The previous pub crawl record was held by Australians (who, according to the Times hit 82 bars in 24 hours back in 2005). Australians! If you can out drink those people, well, cheers to you, UWers.

My only complaint is that the crawling crew was made up of 10 men. What’s up with no women on the team? Based on all the alarming articles I’ve been reading about women and binge drinking, I find it hard to believe these guys couldn’t scrounge up one lady with the longevity to break a pub crawl record. Hrmph.

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