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Red Absinthe Hits Washington

Kentucky-based Corsair spirits about to be available in bars and liquor stores.

October 2, 2009

Absinthe fans: look out for a new product, soon to be available at liquor stores and local bars and restaurants. (Zig Zag, Barrio, Liberty, and Boom Noodle among them.) It’s called Corsair Red and it’s the first red absinthe—not to be confused with Red absinthe, a cinnamon-flavored barforama from the Czech Republic—commercially produced in the US. It’s made from the customary wormwood, anise, and fennel but it also has citrus, tarragon, and red hibiscus (thus the color).

Don’t be put off by those douchey guys on the label: Its floral notes are lovely when the absinthe is used as a wash, as you would apply absinthe in a Sazerac —Look out for a recipe from Sambar’s Jay Kuehner, which I’ll post early next week.

Corsair is a microdistillery in Bowling Green, Kentucky that currently produces gin, vanilla bean vodka, an unaged rye whiskey, and a blackstrap rum. They’ve also got a pumpkin spice moonshine, a barley and wheat whiskey with nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cinnamon. To make it, Corsair distills barley with a wheat-based distillers beer (fermented mash) until they’ve created a weak wine, then they add roasted pumpkin and the spices in the second distillation. It’s quite tasty.

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