Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Six Seven Lounge at the Edgewater Hotel

It’s just you, the waves, some tourists, and three or four very well-priced appetizers.

October 28, 2009

HOURS: 3-6pm Sunday-Thursday
PRICES: Food specials $5, well drinks $4, select wines $6, draught beer $3.75, specialty cocktails $6.

On this fall Tuesday, I seem to be one of only a few locals partaking of happy hour at the Six Seven Lounge inside the Edgewater Hotel. There is a guy in a leather-collared rancher’s jacket who orders “friiiiiies, truffle friiiies,” in a John Wayne drawl that reminds me of my Australian brother-in-law imitating an American accent. There is a silver-haired businessman whose expression indicates he has been glamored, vampire-style, by the Excel spreadsheet on his Dell laptop, and a chattery set of out-of-towners who come in to belt down a glass of wine before they rush out to make a dinner reservation. But I can’t see anyone who seems to be from around here.

You’re missing out, locals. Six Seven is offering plush seats facing totally unobstructed views of the Sound. Take a load off along the western wall of windows and the effect is almost like being on a boat: you look down, and there—right there—are the dark waters lapping up silently beside you, a quiltlike light pattern flickering on the surface. No need to look beyond the construction cranes along Western or the junky ice cream stands of Alaskan Way (as we are all so accustomed to doing at view-boasting bars and restaurants). It’s just you and the water. Well you, the water, a bunch of tourists, some bizarre tree sculptures (support beams clad in bark with branches reaching up to the ceiling), and some extremely cheap appetizers.

During happy hour at Six Seven, select apps are $5: It’s a typical-enough bar menu, but the snacks are better than you might expect. I really enjoyed the fish-and-chips: the (locally sourced) white cod is fresh and flaky, the housemade tartar totally addictive, and the crunchy-skinned fries definitely make the cut. The plate of cured meats from Salumi is heavy on bread and light on cheese but also a deal nonetheless at $5, and chicken wings are gussied up winningly with a raspberry glaze and a side of fennel sticks. It’s the kind of food that tastes right with beer ($3.75 draughts), and that’s a good thing because you don’t want to spend $6 a glass on the kind of wines Six Seven has on special, and this is not the place to come for a change-your-life cocktail. It is, however the place to come for views, and a happy hour that makes the slightly out-of-the-way location well worth the journey.


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