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All the Seattle news that’s fit to drink for the week of October 19th.

October 23, 2009

This week’s big bar event was the McGinn vs. Mallahan debate-watching party at Captain Blacks. On Wednesday the 21st, a packed house sipped beers and stared as the two mayoral candidates locked heads for the second of three debates. Check out the third and final candidate face-off this Saturday, October 24th. (Debate airs from 9-11pm at Captain Blacks, $20 suggested donation).

Here’s what else happened this week.

Finally, someone’s opening a gay bar on Capitol Hill! The CHS blog brought us news this week of the Lobby Bar, to take over the site formerly occupied by King Cobra. Paul Villa, part owner of the bar, told CHS that the Lobby aims to open in mid-November and will be “catering to the LGBT community but inclusive to everyone.” [CHS]

Meanwhile on Voracious, Jonathan Kauffman cites a study that indicates Seattle diners and drinkers may be the nation’s cheapest. Which makes me wonder: What constitutes good bar tipping nowadays? A dollar a drink? What about intricate cocktails versus a bottle of beer? [SW]

In happy hour news, Tan Vinh claims he found the best fries in the city during happy hour at Bastille. (A bold statement. You think that mayoral debate was tense? You should see foodies wrestle over the relative merits of this French bistro. Scary stuff. For a most circumspect report, read Kathryn Robinson’s new review.) [ST]

Also in Ballard, the perpetually underrated Conor Byrne got a facelift that will reportedly allow in more natural light (not that we’ll be seeing much of that between now and June). Owner Diarmuid Cullen told the Ballard News Tribune that Bryne is “kind of a dark, gloomy sort of bar, we’re trying to get away from that.” I always found the Emerald-Isle gloom rather charming, but what are you going to do?

Finally, if you can’t find your favorite bartender this weekend, she may have skipped town for Portland, where the Great American Distillers Festival takes place this Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be one of the drunken judges in the cocktail competition on Saturday morning. If you see me, say hello.

Have a great weekend.

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