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It’s okay to exhale, Seattle. Our toques are still in the running.

By Jessica Voelker September 3, 2009

The third episode of Top Chef Season 6 has aired, and both our local ladies are still in the running. Phew.

So what’s going to happen? Who do we think is going to make it further?

Let’s begin with what happened last night: Ashley was given props for her funghi prep in the Quickfire challenge, in which the chefs had to use potatoes in their dish. She partnered with Ash (he of the goatee and creepy giggle) on the elimination challenge, which involved cooking for military personnel with the very limited food supplies and gadgetry of a mess hall.

We thought Ashley and Ash’s chocolate bread pudding with peanut butter sauce looked delicious, but then one of the judges said it tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. What? We scoffed at the screen, then remembered—oh yeah—we can’t actually taste the food.

Moving on.

Robin, meanwhile, paired up with Hector and went with a three bean chili with roasted chicken. Everyone likes chili, but it isn’t going to beat pork belly nestled in an endive boat is it? No it isn’t. In the end, it took Michael V’s porky “taco” to win the thing.

And then came our favorite moment. When the judges first called the winning chefs, they included Michael V’s partner, the other, more obnoxious Michael. But when they understood that he was responsible for the bland shrimp salad rather than the pork belly, they made him come back before the panel with the losers!

Obnoxious Michael rocked back and forth with ire. How dare they stand him up there alongside Preeti and her pedestrian pasta salad? We love Zaytinya, the Jose Andres restaurant in Washington, DC, where obnoxious Michael is head chef, but the guy is a total jerk! He didn’t lose though. It was Preeti who packed her knives and went, and we wiped our brow, relieved to see both our Seattle chefs still in the competition.

So what will happen next for our lady cooks? Robin seems to be gathering steam—we loved that her Quickfire challenge was a breakfast dish—it seemed like her truest moment yet, and made us nostalgic for Saturday mornings at Crave. And that Ashley! Cute as a button with her pixie curls and her hens of the woods mushrooms cooked just so. She’s sort of had us since that watermelon carpaccio. Too freaking cute. Here’s hoping one of them makes it to the winner’s circle next week. We’ll be watching.

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