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Happy Hour of the Week: The Local Vine

The second-best wine bar happy hour in the city has the best popcorn in the world.

September 2, 2009

HOURS: 4pm-6pm; 10-close Monday-Saturday (Closed Sundays)
PRICES: Small plates from $3-$7.

A couple Happy Hours of the Week ago I posted about Poco, the wine bar with the best happy hour in town. That’s because—are you listening wine bars?—Poco puts its wine on the happy hour menu. This is important, and I’m standing by my earlier assertion that Poco’s is the best for wine drinkers.

That said, The Local Vine’s HH is pretty damn good. The Belltown wine bar categorizes its wines using adjectives: Statuesque, Boisterous, Succulent, Engaging. “Discounted,” however does not figure on that list. The HH is food only. Spinach artichoke dip ($6), shrimp fritters ($7), baguette accompanied by compound butter and “EVOO” ($3). (Can we talk about the EVOO thing? Or is that just going to keep it around longer?)

But for my $5, the best thing on the menu is a ginormous bowl of white truffled popcorn. Oily, truffle-punched, compulsively consumable perfection. I paired mine with a glass of Airfield Unoaked Chardonnay (statuesque) and it was good, reader. It was so good. The steamed mussels ($7), which come swimming in a buttery white-wine broth with not enough bread—order extra—are also a good deal.

The Local Vine is classy. The décor is modern with dramatic vermillion walls and lots of slate. The clientele wears suits and talks about expensive vacations. You wouldn’t expect to eat bad food here, and you aren’t disappointed. But you better leave soon if you want to make it in time—if it’s 6:01, the kitchen will not be taking any more happy hour orders.

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