Inside The Living Room

Monika Proffit wants her new Capitol Hill bar to be your home away from home.

September 10, 2009

The old Anne Bonny, your new living room.

“I’ve lived on Capitol Hill for more than a decade,” says local artist Monika Proffitt. “Always in studios. I’ve never had a living room.” This urban scenario was the inspiration for her new bar, The Living Room, which will open on Halloween in the space previously occupied by the Anne Bonny (1355 E Olive Way).

Profitt has lured bar legend Mi Suk Ahn —whose work she says she’s admired since the early days of the Alibi Room —from the bar at Brasa. The two women are collaborating on a cocktail menu that is heavy on champagne mixers and whiskey-based drinks. They also hope to incorporate ports and grappas into the drinks in place of heavier liqueurs.

Food will be minimal—olives, cheese, etc. “The bar is my true passion. I love being able to craft a drink and name it,” says Proffitt. “I’m friends with Mel[issa Nyffeler] down the street at Dinette. She told me ‘the bar’s where the money is.’"

In accordance with the living room theme, furniture will be upholstered and homey, and set up, says Proffitt, to encourage interactions among strangers. “I come from Colorado, a friendly place,” says the artist. “People here are much more introverted, it takes so long to know people.” Proffitt hopes a sociable setting and friendly staff with encourage us to talk to each other. “Cocktails help too,” she says.

[Photo Courtesy sciencevsromance]

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