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Happy Hour of the Week: Via Tribunali Belltown

Five dollar brick oven pizza, generous hours, lovely setting.

September 23, 2009

HOURS: Daily from 4-6pm and 11pm-close
PRICES: Food specials $5 pizzas; Drink specials $3 peroni, $8/$16 half liters/liters of house wine.

The happy hour at Via Tribunali’s Belltown location (each Trib location has its own HH, see web site for details) is short and sweet. You choose from one of three pizzas ($5) and wash it down with either a $3 Peroni or house wine by the half liter or liter ($8, $16). Via Trib’s pizza is always tasty if not magical—magical pizza being that rare brick-oven pie where all the components come together perfectly, with just the right about of char on the crust, just the right amount of sea salt and olive oil and mozzarella and tomatoes. When a pizza does that, creates this impossibly beautiful flavor dance from such simple ingredients, you have a magical food on your hands. Personally, I’ve never had a magical pie at Via Tribunali. But I’ll keep trying because the pizza is good, and I like being there.

Point is: nicely executed, simple HH with generous hours and an excellent venue inside the new Crocodile. I love the black vinyl mafioso booths and the long, gorgeous bar with its crystal fruit bowls and its bottles that shimmer at night beneath the wall of stainglass windows. I love watching the old Crockies stare into the stainglass window wall and grow all nostalgic about Mudhoney and stuff. I love the private dining room with its bare white walls and high-backed wooden chairs—straight out of the the part of The Godfather when they go back to the old country. Cool spot.

These are the $5 HH pizzas at Via Trib:
Margherita pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, basil
Napoletana pomodoro, oregano, garlic, anchovy
Salame pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, salame

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