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Happy Hour of the Week: 35th Street Bistro

It’s not this restaurant’s fault that Fremont isn’t all hippie anymore.

September 30, 2009

HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday, 2-5pm
PRICES: $5 wine (selects from list), $4 select bottled beer, $5 well drinks, $2 off Bistro cocktails

A happy hour that ends at 5pm is a bit of a tease, isn’t it? Really this is only forgivable if HH extends to weekends, which it does at 35th Street Bistro. But I have a friend who will never forgive 35th Street Bistro, and it has nothing to do with happy hour. What kills her is that it replaced the Still Life Café, an establishment that seems to have collapsed under the pressure of keeping Fremont’s hippie identity alive as all around it pricey boutiques and spas shut out the funk.

Well listen, I understand emotional thinking. But I don’t share her opinion because when I moved to Seattle, 35th Street Bistro had already completed its coup, adding roughhewn farm kitchen tables and a just-so chalkboard where once there there were poetry readings and, I suspect, at least one copy of the Moosewood Cookbook in the kitchen. It’s not that I don’t regret the fact that I moved to Seattle too late to become acquainted with hippie Fremont, it’s just that you can’t miss something you never knew. And 35th Street Bistro is where I had my first lunch in Seattle (moules frites). And I can’t think of one other place in Fremont where I enjoy eating as much.

There is a select menu available alongside the drink specials during HH. I recommend the burger ($12) especially.


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