Coffee Class

Muddy, Acrid Joe? There’s hope for you yet, home brewers.

Caffe Vita’s Public Brewing School tonight at 6:30 pm

September 3, 2009

My parents are both excellent cooks. But their coffee? Sorry mom and dad, it’s crappy. My sister and I spend our holidays shuttling back and forth between their house and Dunkin Donuts (East Coast, you know how it is) trying to get ourselves properly caffeinated.

It’s a common problem among home brewers, this inability to create a decent cup. But Caffe Vita grounds guru Andy Kent can help us out. He’s the guy that trains Vita’s baristas, and he’s teaching two home brewing classes at the Vita warehouse (just next store to the shop) on Capitol Hill. Brewing methods covered: Melitta, French Press, Vacuum Pot, and Bialetti, and the admission cost—$45—includes the class plus a Melitta Coffee Brewer, a 12oz Bag of Vita coffee, and one of those cool mugs with the clown guy on it.

The class begins at 6:30 tonight, register by emailing [email protected] or calling 206-709-4440 Extension 177. If you can’t get on the list tonight, there’s a second session on Thursday, October 1st. Too bad there’s no Vita on the other coast, or I’d be signing up the ’rents right quick.

Need more coffee? Learn the art of cupping with Dismas Smith, barista boss at the new Fonte Bar, or relive the drama of the zombie Starbucks at 15th Avenue East.

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