Behind the Bar

Tavern Law’s Other Bartender

Bitters-making, burglary-preventing Miles Thomas to mix drinks alongside David Nelson.

August 17, 2009

So we learned this morning that Tavern Law is set to open this weekend—either on the 21st or 22nd of August.
And we know that David Nelson will be there serving drinks. But here’s something else I learned: Miles Thomas—the former Serafina bartender who once got shot in the arm defending that restaurant against an armed robber—will be also be working at Tavern Law four nights a week.

I learned this while calling Thomas about another matter this morning (forgetting the old nevercallabartenderbeforenoon rule. Sorry about that, Miles). I wanted to learn about Scrappy’s Bitters, the line of old-fashioned bitters that he makes for cocktail bars in Seattle, Portland, Boston, and Vancouver. Thomas has been crafting his own bitters for the past five years, but only marketing them commercially for the past six months. Already, though, you can find the bitters in 40 local bars. If you’re in a cocktail spot in Seattle, they’re very likely behind the bar.

Current flavors are: orange, grapefruit, lavender, chocolate, cardamom, celery, and apricot, and Thomas says he’s “playing” with making a cola bitters. They’re not currently available at any retail outlets, though Thomas says he’s talking to DeLaurenti and he hopes to open a distillery here in Seattle next year.

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