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New Wine Bar at the Seattle Wine Outlet

A place to drink wine that’s cheaper at the bar by the glass then at home by the bottle. Seriously.

August 27, 2009

The Seattle Wine Outlet, site of Richard Kinssies’ new wine bar.

When Richard Kinssies opens his new wine bar in the Interbay location of the Seattle Wine Outlet, don’t expect a regular wine list. “The list will be small and run like a fresh sheet,” says Kinssies, who has previously opened and closed two local wine bars over the years. Kinssies says his Belltown bar Vina, which occupied, in the late ninties, the First Ave address that currently houses Ohana, was the first place in town to use only Riedel glassware. “I don’t think Seattle was ready for it. A few people got it, but not enough.”

At the new bar in Interbay, Kinssies will pour the same overstock wines he stocks on outlet shelves—which he buys directly from the distributor, ducking the minimum price set by the WSLCB. That means deals for us. “I have a top amarone [a dry Italian red]” says Kinssies, “from the 2004 vintage—a great vintage. The wine retails for $100. I sell it on the shelf for $70, and I’ll sell it by the glass for $12 a glass. What’s twelve times five? Sixty, right? You can get the whole bottle for $60 just by drinking glass after glass.”

Unlike other Seattle wine bars—“really restaurants with good wine programs”—Kinssies says his will be all about the wine, though food will be served. The menu includes a cheese and salumi plate with meats from Creminelli, pulled pork sliders, olives and nut bowls, and other cold dishes. But Kinssies will also be stewing up a daily “one pot” (no connection to anything Hebby): brisquit, corn-beef and cabbage, pot roast.

Look for the SWO wine bar to open after Labor Day, exact date to be determined.

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