Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: May Restaurant and Lounge

Twice-daily deals at that crazy-ornate Thai restaurant in Wallingford

August 12, 2009

HOURS: 5pm-7pm and 11pm-1am Daily
PRICES: $4 apps; $3 draft beers: $4 well drinks and house wines.

A couple of days ago I went back to May Thai, a restaurant that will always remind me of my first autumn in Seattle—the unrelenting rain, the calm hazy days of unbroken silence when I worked freelance out of a tiny office whose window had been fit sloppily, creating a draft between sill and wall. At the end of the day, happy hour at May was a welcome escape from the house’s unrelenting chill and the grayish glow of my laptop. I’d walk up to 45th, sink into one of the orange half-moon booths, and let May fry me something off the $4 HH menu—chicken wings, squid, shrimp—it was all good.

In fact, it was here I had my first beer made with cascade hops—that pine needle flavor will always be synonymous, for me, with the Northwest. IPA isn’t closely associated with Thai food, but with its generous twice daily happy hour (the late night one is a fun way to end a Friday night) May’s bar doubles as a hangout for people who are up for something a little more energetic and exotic than the other bars on offer in this neck of Wallingford.

It wasn’t until my fourth or fifth visit that I ventured upstairs for a proper dinner. (The subtly flavored, prepared-at-your-table pad Thai is the best I’ve had to date). But by then I was already a little bit in love with May Thai.

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