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Happy Hour of the Week: The Fireside Room at the Sorrento

Fight for your right to cheap mini burgers

July 2, 2009

HOURS: 4-6 daily
Sun-Thu 9-11, Fri & Sat 9-close
PRICES: $2.50-$4 beer, $4 wells and wine
$0.50-$5 small plates

There may soon be crazy developments at the Sorrento’s happy hour. I met newish chef Matthew Mina the other week. He told me tall tales of HHs to come, including a plan to roll out a—I kid you not—taco wagon.

But this post is about the the Sorrento’s current happy hour, which is generous and tasty and served in our city’s most baroquely brocaded hotel lounge.

I wrote about it before —back when they announced the new menu and the new policy of picking people up in the hotel limo and driving them to happy hour. But I’ve since had the opportunity to visit in a bunch of times.

Service has been a little slow—which can lead to conspiracy theories on the part of patrons—HH ends at 6pm and one gets the idea the waitstaff may be waiting it out somewhat.

I’m not saying they are doing this, mind you, I’m saying one gets the sense they might be.

This is no reason not to go. Happy hour, like love, is a battlefield: “No promises, no demands.” Okay, the restaurants do make promises and the customer always have demands. Hmm. My point I guess is this: you have to fight for what is yours. This is not the time to be demure and retiring, it is the time to soldier forward: wave your server down, order two rounds of beers at once. For God’s sake people, get your three sliders with cheese for $4 while the getting is good.

Happy hour is from 4pm-6pm everyday, from 9pm-11pm Sun-Thurs, and from 9pm-close on Fri and Saturday. Hospital workers (or Grey’s Anatomy cast members) who show up in their scrubs receive happy hour prices beginning at 3pm. The hotel calls this Scrubs & Suds. And why shouldn’t they?

Well Drinks $4
Import Beer $4
Micro brews $3.50
Dom beer $2.50
Wine by the glass $4

Prawns, fried oysters $.50 each
Chips, pistachios, or licorice $1
Olives, calamari, garlic fries, pita & hummus $2
Sliders w/cheese, ham and cheese, panini, tomahawk lamb $4
Ahi tuna, Caesar salad, chicken sata, Crab mac n cheese, $5

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