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There’s a Lot to Love about Tin Table…

…but Deb’s right up there with the beignets

By Kathryn Robinson July 17, 2009

Watch for our full review of Tin Table, the dinnertime masterpiece in the Century Ballroom, to come soon.

(Oops…did we tip our hand?)

In the meantime, didn’t want to waste a minute in the credit-where-it’s-due department. On a recent visit we were well-served by all manner of kindly hipsters, from the genuinely welcoming spiky-haired greeter at the door to the long-haired lovely who refilled our water glasses with nothin’ but love.

Well…and water.

But our server, Deb, stood out from the field. She knew the menu, inside and out. We asked for the superstars on the apps list and she didn’t miss a beat recommending two. They were sensational. (Whoa, there we go reviewing again.)

Without prodding she recited the specials—amazing how rare that is these days—with (even rarer) their pricetags. She told us frankly when we were making a mistake. She had laser-like wine recommendations. Her tone was bright, efficient, sensible. So sensible, she’s probably rarely called out as a superstar.

So here you go, Deb. We think you’re a superstar.

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