Suds Savings

Chuckanut’s Light Rail Golden Ale

Ride the train, get $1 off your brewsky at Columbia City Ale House.

July 27, 2009

Okay don’t get distracted by my masterful photography skillz. We’re here to talk about the beer. That there is a Light Rail Golden Ale from Chuckanut Brewing in Bellingham. It’s good.

But more importantly it’s novel, and if you bring your light rail ticket stub (or Orca card) to Columbia City Ale House to prove that you arrived there via the brand-spanking-new train, the lovely staff will take a dollar off your pint’s pricetag. Have something to eat too, the food is generally awesome. (Though perhaps don’t order the quesadilla unless you’re trying to test your cilantro tolerance.)

This sweet little beer deal is part of a neighborhood-wide effort to link the light rail with increased sales at Columbia City businesses; see others bargains here.

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