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A Treasure Chest of Be-logo’ed Baraphanalia for $30 on Craigslist

Who is [email protected], and what is he/she thinking?

July 9, 2009

If you had two Tommy Bahama Rum Cocktail Shakers as well as a pair of Bacardi Rum Muddlers would you sell them? No. You’re not crazy.

But someone on Capitol Hill is. Either that or he/she is about to combine households with whoever owns Joey’s in Bellevue. Or he/she is trying to unload goods raided at a shwag station at some bartender’s convention in Key Largo. But there are no other possible explanations.

Check out this major bar booty posted nonchalantly on Craigslist as if it weren’t the score of a lifetime.

Someone is about to get very lucky indeed.

Full list of goodies
2 Smirnoff Straw/Napkin holders
2 Jagermeister Bar Mats
2 Tommy Bahama Rum Bar Mats
2 Tommy Bahama Rum Cocktail Shakers
1 Tommy Bahama Rum Glass
1 Ketel One Brand Cocktail Shaker
1 Strainer for use With Cocktail Shakers
6 Dewars Brand Glasses
2 Bacardi Rum Muddlers
5 Pour Spouts
2 Bottle Openers, 1 with Corkscrew
1 Metal Container for Bottle Caps
2 Boxes of 5 1/2’’ short black straws
1 Box of 8” long black straws
1 Box of Beverage Napkins that fit in straw/napkin holders
1 Package of promo cardboard coasters

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