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Cheap Wine for Weekdays: Chateau Pennautier Cabardès 2005

Our Wine Critic Conde Cox calls it "especially rich and well-balanced."

July 16, 2009

Seattle Met’s Oregon-based wine critic Conde Cox knows a heck of a lot more about wine than your faithful Sauced blogger does (though I try, reader, I try). But I’ve said it before: the man has cheap wine-itis.

I did manage to squeeze another cheapie out of him, though, a red from Cabardès, just north of the Spanish border, called Chateau Pennautier Cabardès 2005.

Here’s what Conde says: "halfway between the two great European seas, Cabardès is part Atlantic, part Mediterranean, and the wine reflects that location by giving us a blend of Atlantic cabernet sauvignon, Pyrenees malbec, and Mediterranean Grenache.

“It does vary in quality from vintage to vintage, but the 2005 is especially rich and well-balanced.”

Plus it retails for just under 10 bucks.

Ask your favorite wine store to order you some.

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Photo courtesy La Cave Spirituelle

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