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Seattle Mixologists Represent at Tales of the Cocktail

Kathy Casey, Jamie Boudreau, Robert Hess moderate, compete, and imbibe at the global cocktail convention.

June 30, 2009

Kathy Casey dominates in the bitters department

If you find you can’t seem to get a decent cocktail between July 8th and 12th this year, it’s because a lot of Seattle’s best bartenders are at Tales of the Cocktail—an annual convention in New Orleans where the Spiritworld surfaces for cocktail competitions, whiskey symposiums…and other events I sure wish I was to witness.

If you are able to drop everything and attend, do it. Word on the street is that there is even more fun to be had at Tales than you might expect to encounter at a five day free-booze bacchanalia in New Orleans.

Here are some ways in which Seattle will represent.

Zig Zag will compete for the World’s Best Drinks Selection with The Merchant Hotel in Belfast and Le Lion Bar de Paris, in Hamburg. “Criteria: A venue stocking an outstanding range of spirits and liqueurs. The judges will favor discernment as well as sheer numbers of bottles stocked.”

Kathy Casey worked with Keith Waldbauer (who is leaving Barrio!) on the three bitters she created for the Barmade Bitters Challenge (to be judged on July 12th). They totally dominated: three of the five finalists in the fruit category are theirs.

For the second year in a row, our very own Wormwood Society will be hosting a “Grande Soiree d’Absinthe,” on the night of the 12th, with experts doling out samples of some of the world’s best absinthes.

Jamie Boudreau will serve as a panelist at a seminar about American cocktail-making in Europe and another on cocktail photography for bloggers.

Robert Hess—founder of the Washington State Bartenders Guild and creator of drinkboy —will moderate a seminar called Cocktails Born from the Seven Seas (mojitos, gimlets, pink gin) and host a “green hour” of (you guessed it) absinthe tasting.

I’m sure I missed some important local contributors, but I have to say I’m a little surprised we don’t show up more in the nominations. Oh well, there is always next year. We’re only getting better, after all.

So, anybody going? Or should we all meet up somewhere in Seattle and drown our sorrows over mediocre mixed drinks?

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