Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Zig Zag Cafe

Cocktails that speak for themselves for $4.75

June 17, 2009

What $14.25 gets you at ZigZag:(From top left) martini, The Trident, and The Bohannan

HOURS: Mon-Fri 5-7
PRICES: $4.75 cocktails, $4 wine
$5 appetizers

What is there to write about Zig Zag that hasn’t already been written? You know Murray Stenson is the best bartender in the city. (world?) You know that our most ambitious bartenders—our Boudreaus and our MacWilliams, our Nelsons and our Bohrers —spend their nonworking hours bellied up at his bar taking notes and asking questions.

You don’t need me to tell you these things.

But maybe you don’t know about the happy hour at Zig Zag, so let’s talk about that. It’s from 5 to 7 on weekdays. There are food items, they are fine. But here is what you come for:16 house cocktails, each one an object lesson in flawless mixology, for $4.75 a pop.

Pictured here are two of them. The Trident is Aquavit, Cynar, dry sherry, and peach bitters. The Bohannan is gin, Green Chartreuse, Swedish punsch, and black pepper.

Let’s break this down.

Aquavit is a Scandinavian clear spirit infused with herbs. Cynar is a crazy Italian liqueur that tastes like artichokes, sherry is…sherry, and the peach bitters are made in house.

Gin is gin, chartreuse is a French liquor made from 130 different plants that’s concocted by monks and tastes like nothing else in this world, and Swedish punsch is a mixture of white run, Batavia arrack—an Indonesian, sugar-cane distilled liquor fermented with red rice— and a blend of sugar and spices. It is hard to come by—Zigzag makes their own although occasionally somebody brings Murray back a bottle from Sweden. It’s a common ingredient in 1930s tiki drinks.

Look, both these drinks are out of this world and $4.75 is absurdly low price to pay for them. Go to ZigZag. But You know this.

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