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Really beautiful Reusable Coffee Cups

They cost $20 at Victrola

June 24, 2009

Okay, I’ve never been much of a product recommender, but I recently saw this porcelain coffee cup at the Victrola on 15th Street (they sell them at all locations) and it was so beautiful I had to share.

The image doesn’t quite capture how cool it is—it’s made of porcelain (the lid is silicone) and it totally qualifies as decorative art. I don’t want it for coffee, I want to display it on a shelf and add museum lighting.

It’s funny because just the other day I was trying to write something and I got distracted and started staring at a paper coffee cup from Porchlight sitting on my desk. And it struck me how beautiful—albeit wasteful—a simple white coffee cup can be, promising, as it does, something delicious and energy-giving inside.

I’m all for conscientious consumption, but the cuteness of eco-wares cane be a little pukey. The name "I am Not a Paper Cup" is kind of "Be the change you want to see in the world" for my taste, but screw it. It’s one of the few green-oriented products where the ecoconciousness is value added rather than the only reason you want to buy it at all.

I was reading about the cup on another blog though, and one of the comments was "Its a shame it comes with all that packaging." That’s kind of true, huh? Oh, humanity. You’re so silly.

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