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June 9, 2009

Chris Bollenbacher gets infusive at Serafina

Hello, aspiring home bar geniuses. I have here for you details about upcoming classes at Tini Bigs and Serafina. I mentioned Serafina’s classes in a previous post, but they’ve since added some new events and they sound promising indeed.

Tini’s classes are held monthly on Saturday afternoons at 4pm and are themed around a spirit. They cost $35 and include an “appetizer sampler.” Call 206-284-5003 for reservations.

Gin: June 27

Rum: July 25

Tequila: August 29

Cognac: September 26

Whiskey: October 31

Serafina, meanwhile, charges between $35-$40 per class (see below). Bartenders Chris Bollenbacher and Matthew Skeel instruct.

August 22nd $40 per person
Learn macerating, sweetening and blending.

History of the Martini
September 26th $40 per person

Gin Cocktails
October 24th $35 per person

Dessert Cocktails and Coffee Libations
November 21st $40 per person

Historical Bartending; Pre-Prohibition Cocktails and Techniques
December 5th $45 per person

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