HOURS: Mon-Thurs 4:30-6, 10-11:30
Fri & Sat 4:30-6 & 11pm-1am
PRICES: $4 wells, $2 beer, $2-$4 sakes, $4 wine
$1.50-$6 small plates

Here’s a fact that makes me want to fall to my knees, cast my eyes towards the heavens and, fists shaking, cry out: “Why Moshi Moshi, why?" The newest sushi spot on Old Ballard Ave doesn’t include one cocktail on its happy hour menu.

This, despite the fact that the restaurant’s liquor program will make any cocktail lover feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store: Climbing up on a barstool near the back of the green half of the restaurant (the other half is yellow), I was greeted by a collection of small bottles of bitters—homemade and otherwise—huddled together, like a cliquish crew of high-school cheerleaders, in a circle on the counter.

Smiling down from the bar shelf were some of the friendliest faces in Spiritland: a bottle of pisco, another of aquavit, and the liqueures—Amaro nonino, Frenet Branca, and His Artichokeness Himself, Cynar.

And let me give you a peak into what head bartender Erik Carlson has done with his fine collection of intoxicants: There’s the Old Town Fizz: apricot liqueur, lemon, maritime pale ale, and either gin or cognac; the Spice Trade: banana chip-infused rum, averna, lemon, maple, egg white; the Salmon Bay Swizzle: rum, falernum (falernum!), orgeat, lime.

What is on the happy hour menu is well-wrought Japanese snackies like deep-fried “tiger rolls,” ume shiso and unagi-and-avocado maki, (shush it, sashimi snobs. There is nothing wrong with maki), agadashi tofu. All under $6, all fresh and tasty. Plus houses wines/beers/sakes: $2 cans of PBR, Nigori $3.50/glass, $4 house wines.

I definitely, definitely think Moshi Moshi should develop a discounted drink to showcase the cocktail program, but I also feel a little lame grumbling about such a good happy hour. Because really, there’s a lot to love here. And I haven’t even mentioned what a bunch of sweeties the staff are.

Moshi Moshi Happy Hour Menu

Mon-Thurs 4:30-6pm & 10-11:30pm; Fri & Sat 4:30-6pm & 11pm-1am

edamame $1.50
steamed fresh soybeans with sea salt

organic miso soup $2
with tofu, wakame seaweed, & scallion

agedashi tofu $3.50
fried tofu with soy dashi, daikon, ginger, & scallion

tori karaage $4
crispy fried chicken with togarashi salt & lemon

yasai – seasonal vegetables $4
ebi – shrimp $5

nanbanzuke $3.75
fried king salmon marinated in chili vinegar

yakitori $3.75
grilled chicken skewer with sea salt or teriyaki glaze

tiger roll $3.75
fried spring roll with cream cheese & crab filling

hosomaki (roll) $2.75
ume shiso / cucumber / or oshinko

california roll $5.50
red crab, cucumber, avocado, & tobiko

spicy tuna roll $4
chopped tuna, chili, & kaiware

ebi ten $6
tempura shrimp, cucumber, lettuce, mayo, & tobiko

eel avocado roll $4.50
bbq eel, avocado, & cucumber

potato croquette $2.50
deep fried potato cake with tonkatsu sauce

well drinks $4
nigori sake gl $3.50
hot saké small $2 / large $4
house white & red wine $4
PBR cans $2

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