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Happy Hour of the Week: La Spiga

also: which Seattle HHs are really delivering?

June 23, 2009

HOURS: Mon-Fri 5-6:30, Fri-Sat 11-midnight
PRICES: $3 beer, $4 wells, $5 wine
$3-$9 plates

You know how you go to dinner at La Spiga and you just want to order some pasta?

But then you feel all weird after you order some because the waiter is like “What else?”

And you’re like “Um, nothing else, thanks. I just want some pasta for dinner, and you’re making me feel all weird like we’re in Italy and not in a good way.”

Forget that feeling.

Tonight I went to happy hour where a plate of gnocchi is $8. Before I even ordered it, the bartender had brought us a free happy hour appetizer consisting of some little saucers of meats and cheese and fried flat bread. Free, I said. House wines were $4. There was no pressure to order anything, and the gnocchi plus apps was the perfect summer-dinner portion.

It’s funny though, how surprised I was that the happy hour actually delivered on the promise to have an inexpensive meal at a high-end restaurant. I go to these happy hours all the time. Day in, day out. And they are really fun excuses to hang out in great restaurants without the need for an occasion or excuse. But so rarely does one actually deliver the way La Spiga did.

Does that happen to you? Which happy hours do you think are really a good value? Which ones really let you have a great experience at a good restaurant without spending a lot of money? Happy hours are everywhere in Seattle these days, but which ones are really delivering?

La Spiga happy hour is Monday–Friday, 5–6:30pm. Friday – Saturday, 11 pm–12am.

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