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The Gin & Yang from Fresh Bistro

Vanilla-infused simple syrup and Aviation gin. Forget the hippie name: this drink is dangerous.

May 22, 2009

Tonight is opening night for Fresh Bistro, the new West Seattle restaurant from the folks behind Herbanfeast catering company.

If you’re at all familiar with Herbanfeast chef Dalis Chea’s fare, you know that at Fresh Bistro, There Will Be Beets. And vegan gazpacho. And biodynamic wine. And recyclable clamshells instead of doggy bags. And farm-raised this, and locally grown that. Which is all really wonderful and delicious and a-okay. In some of us, however, it may create a destructive urge to counteract the wholesome with something very bad.

When I had a chance to preview some of the drinks the bar will be serving earlier this week, I tried this one, the Gin & Yang. It isn’t a body shot of cuervo bolted while blindfolded at a Sr. Frog’s in Cabo, or, for that matter, a Jaeger-drinking contest with a salty Pioneer Square prostitute. It does have a lot of gin though, and that gin is well-masked by vanilla-infused simple syrup. The net result is just compulsively drinkable enough to mean you won’t spent the evening in an entirely healthy manner.

Enjoy. And let me know what you think of the restaurant.

Fresh Bistro’s Gin & Yang

1o z fresh lemon juice

½ oz vanilla infused simple syrup (add vanilla bean when hot and let cool in fridge. With thanks to ThursHappyHour.)

1 ½ oz Aviation Gin

Shake over ice, strain over ice in a double rocks glass

Garnish with lemon and serve

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