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Disappointment at Earth and Ocean

By Kathryn Robinson May 15, 2009

The nice fiance of a trusty colleague took her for her birthday to the W Hotel’s Earth & Ocean last weekend.

A side order/appetizer didn’t arrive, and when the diners mentioned it the waiter asked if they would like it to-go.

Um…no thanks.

After dinner the gent waited anxiously for his lady’s dessert to arrive; the dessert he had called in advance to arrange as a birthday surprise for her.

Never came. The place could find no record of the phone call.

Out came a couple of gratis glasses of Port by way of apology…Port they really didn’t want. “We would have been happier if they’d instead comped something we did eat,” my colleague said.

Though courteous, the diners were disappointed, so they detailed their experience on the comment card provided with the bill. (The large bill. This is Earth & Ocean, after all.)

Their taxi awaited, so on their way out they slipped the card into the hands of the manager himself. “We’re on our way out, but we’d be grateful if you’d read this,” they told him. On it they’d listed their phone numbers.

It’s Friday now. And they haven’t heard a peep.

And they won’t be going back.

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