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Scotchy-Scotch Tasting on May 18th

Color, Nose, Body, Palate, and Finish at the Bookstore Bar

May 5, 2009

This one’s a little far off, but the Bookstore Bar is rather wee, and I want to make sure you get a seat. The bar will be hosting a scotch tasting from 7-9pm on May 18th. For $30 you receive a flight of four Glenfiddichs (12,15,18, and 30 years), some “snacks,” and a tasting lesson from the Glenfiddich brand ambassador.

I am a huge believer in Booze 101 classes like these when they are not a total rip-off. (While $30 may sound notsocheap, consider the scotches you’ll be sampling. A single Glen 18 at Whisky Bar costs $15. Besides, when was the last time your tab at the bar was less than $30? Stop lying.)

Among the unaccustomed, such tastings may inspire eye rolls. But I really think that when you learn a little bit about what you are consuming, the experience is augmented 10 fold (and why should winos get all the learning-as-an-excuse-to-drink mileage?). So while I can’t vouch for the teacher—and “brand ambassador” does sound a little ominous—I am willing to be this will be fun. Plus, Bookstore is a good bar.

To sign up, call bar at 206-382-1506

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