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Bloody Mary Query

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May 30, 2009

So I have these two friends from Wisconsin who grow seriously nostalgic (“nah-stale-jek”) for bloody marys that come with beer chasers. Apparently this is some sort of tradition in the flyover states. They love micheladas, of course, since that offers the beer/tomato combo, but it’s not enough to feed their obsession.

This subject comes up…it comes up a lot. And it’s not that I don’t find it interesting, I would just like to go ahead and find them a place in Seattle that might serve or be willing to serve a “bloody” with a juice glass of PBR to accompany. I think I saw these two seriously hungover looking hipsters order something similar at Roxy’s in Fremont one time, but I can’t be sure and if I call Roxy’s right now and ask them, they will f’ing kill me. Saturday breakfast there is really intense, (and intensely delicious. Best bagels I’ve found in Seattle.)

So, if anyone has any leads (or for that matter, if you just want to tell me who has the best bloody marys in town, I never order them but suddenly find myself in the mood), I’d appreciate it. The Sconies also thank you.

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