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Farewell, Yarrow Bay Grill

By Kathryn Robinson April 6, 2009

It opened in 1989, when white-tablecloth restaurants on the Eastside were few and restaurants on the shore of Lake Washington even fewer.

(Hey wait…has anything changed?)

Yarrow Bay Grill was beautiful, with as serene a sweep of lake vista as could be had in this region. If the fare was priced for fatcats…well, Kirkland’s Carillon Point always had plenty of them lying around. No problem.

In ensuing years YBG would open a casual little sister downstairs, Yarrow Bay Cafe (now Beach Grill at the Point) which became a crowdpleasing watering hole to compete with other fun joints fast populating Carillon Point’s creamy landscape.

Folks would arrive by boat, after the Husky game or Seafair, passing up the spendy destination upstairs for the merry come-as-you-are fun (and affordability) in the cafe below.

And then the recession hit.

And after 20 years making YBG special…the owners decided it was time to give up the effort.

Yarrow Bay Grill’s last day of business will be Thursday, April 30.

What will take its place? The minute I find out I’ll post…but if someone knows now, do tell.

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