Iron Bartender II at Tigertail

This time it’s lady bartenders.

April 23, 2009

Mini Guinnees at Tigertail

Ballard’s Tigertail is hosting its second Iron Bartender cocktail mixing contest this Sunday, April 26th at 7pm. And this time its going to be a competition among women tenders. (They are going to get hit on so much. Even more than normal much.) Max Genereaux of SunsetTavern and comedian Owen Straw will be mastering the ceremonies.

The secret ingredient is…a secret. But per an email from Tigertail’s Carl Carlson: “The focus will definitely be on sunshine and springtime drinking.” Hmmm. We also don’t know yet which mixologistas will compete, although I have some guesses.

Finally, can I just say…I was surfing Tigertail’s website and I came across the image, here, of these Baby Guinnesses—“Kahlua and Baileys fused into a sweet minitail”—that the bar was serving for $4 during March. (I’m sure they’d make us one now if we asked nice, right?) So here I am outing myself as a total girl/sucker for all things cute (sorry empowered lady bartenders) but ohmygodhowcutearethey?

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