Doesn’t this image scream “bartending seminar?”

Almost anyone who has ever entertained a bartender fantasy (Um, I mean being a bartender, Dirtybird) has probably contemplated enrolling in some skeezy bartending seminar, then been chastised by our friends for even considering such a thing. Because as we all well know, the only things that can get you a job as a bartender are: 1. Being hot. 2. Having experience. 3. Taking a stemware-washing, vomit-mopping job as a bar back and working your way up.

Ugh, all those dirty glasses. It gives me wrinkly fingertips just thinking about it. Instead, lets just sign up for cocktail classes at Serafina. They might not qualify us to become actual bartenders, but we can pretend at home. Think of it as Guitar Hero for people with drinkslinger dreams. Classes take place from 3:30–5:00pm and cost between $35 and $45 per person.

Details from Serafina below.

April 25th: Craft Bartending Exposed – Serafina’s Secret Recipes – Take part in a discovery of our most popular Serafina original cocktails. Learn how they are made, a history of their ingredients, as well as the bartending techniques and secrets that make them unique.
May 23rd: Whisky cocktails; water of life with a twist – Join us on a journey into the intriguing underworld of whisky cocktails from pre-prohibition to modern times. You’ll enjoy this session whether you are new to whisky or you are an established whisky drinker who is looking for exciting new cocktail experiences.
June 27th: Vodka cocktails; classic favorites and innovative originals – Vodka, known in ancient times as “water of bread wine”, is the purest of the spirits. Join us for an exploration into vodka and how to make balanced and delicious cocktails using fresh juices and professional techniques.

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