Fear of Commitment

New at Skillet

An address!

By Kathryn Robinson April 23, 2009

If Skillet were a boy, he’d be the most annoying commitment-phobe on the planet.

You know the place; it’s the mobile Airstream trailer that deals its cambazola-bacon jam burgers and fontina poutine and other blissouts from different parking lots every day.

Which parking lots? These ones. In short: Monday Capitol Hill, Tuesday SoDo, Wednesday South Lake Union, Thursday Fremont, Friday Lower Queen Anne, and Saturday Columbia City. Yeah, it’s a gadabout.

And now on Sundays, starting this weekend, they’ll be in West Seattle. In the Key Bank parking lot next to the Farmer’s Market. Woo-hoo West Seattle.

But here’s the commitment news: That “Skillet” sign you keep driving by, the one on Fourth and Main (220 Fourth Ave S) in the ID—-that’s the space they’re getting ready to open as their first bricks-and-mortar operation. “Hopefully we will get final approval by the end of May,” co-owner Joshua Henderson told me.

This, approvers being what they are, means final approval waaaaaay later than May. But isn’t it gratifying to know that a little stability is coming to our cambazola-bacon jam burger life?

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