HOURS: Mon-Fri 5-7, Sat 8-10
PRICES: $4 cocktails, $2.95 beer ($15 bucket of six)
$2.95 select plates

Oh man, sometimes the servers at Maximilien are sooooooo rude. Other times they are charming and lovely. I believe the French term for it is service bipolaire. And scary as it can be, it shouldn’t stop you from hitting up the teensy Pike Place restaurant for its excellent happy hour, not to mention some of the best sound views you’ll find anywhere—there’s a large uncovered deck for sunny days, and, inside, a wall of windows to look out of on the other 339 days of the year.

You’ll want to go ahead and order a French “Martini,” I put martini in quotes because for a drink to qualify as a martini, in my book, it must involve gin and vermouth. A cocktail of vodka and pineapple and cranberry juices with a dash of raspberry liquor is tasty, but I’m sorry it’s not a martini. It is, however, just $4 at Maximilien’s happy hour, which runs Monday through Friday from 5-7pm and Saturday from 8-10pm.

You can also get mussels in white wine sauce and Belgian-style French fries, each for $2.95. The fries are the perfect thickness/consistency and come with delicious aioli-ish dipping sauces.

So that’s basically a French bistro meal, complete with cocktail, for $10. Also Kronenbourgs are $2.95 and you can get A BUCKET OF 6 for $15. Imagine, if you will, a lazy summer evening spent on an uncovered deck atop Pike Place, a bucket of icy Kronenbourgs on the table in front of you. Yeah, I think that’s worth witnessing the occasional outburst from an irate waiter.

To summarize: Moody staff. Awesome deals (bucket of Kronenbourg!). Even better views. Don’t miss happy hour at Maximilien.

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