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Early Notice: the Leavenworth Ale Fest

Life’s little joys abound at this pint-size craft brew event

By Jessica Voelker April 7, 2009

Do you love faux Bavarian villages and craft beer? Do you relish the idea of whiling away a spring afternoon gaping at the beer buzz-induced bad behavior of flip-flop wearing festival types? If so, you are not only my soul mate, you should also plan to attend the Leavenworth Ale Fest on Saturday, April 18th. (Tickets are available now on the Web site. Cost: $20. Chances of selling out: 0. Still, reserve your hotel room now, there could always be a lederhosen convention or something that weekend.)

The event itself is tiny—on scale with an elementary school science fair—and most of the beers (if you are into this sort of thing) you’ve probably tried before. But nevermind all that. It’s a beer festival. In Leavenworth. If I need to say more, you probably don’t want to go.

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