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Cremant Closing?

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we…?

By Kathryn Robinson April 29, 2009

Anyone go to the Cremant come-to-Jesus last night?

Yesterday afternoon that Madrona bastion of classic French cooking sent around the kind of invitation you don’t get every day: Come eat our food, drink our wine…and hoist a mop. Help us clean out our larder, clean out our restaurant…and plot our next step.

It’s no secret, the place has been beleaguered. Late last year Mike McConnell (the Caffe Vita founder who gave us Via Tribunali) swooped in to take over operations from founders Scott and Tanya Emerick, a move that immediately ignited controversy and speculation across the blogosphere.

Did McConnell force the Emericks out? Was he the savior or the exploiter?

Fast-forward three months…and now this probable closure of a Seattle treasure.

I was elsewhere last night…but if you went, we want to know what you saw.

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