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An underhyped Belltown happy hour, a delightful seasonal back on tap, the best potato croquettes in the world.

April 27, 2009

Three greatest words in the English language?

I got a lot of bar cruising in this weekend. Here’s what I learned.

1. Sunday night is half-price wine night (on all bottles under $50) and all night happy hour at Cellars Restaurant and Lounge in Belltown. I get the distinct feeling that Cellars is struggling to draw customers and, to be totally honest, it isn’t a place you walk past and think, “Wow I need to spend some time in there.” Still, the deals are good and so is the service. Check it out.

2. Spring has officially arrived. Know how I know? Elysian’s Avatar Jasmine IPA —a beer so fantastic, I want to stand up and do a little jig-style dance every time I think about it—is back on tap (and available to go) at Elysian Brewing Company.

3. The potato croquettes on the HH menu at Stumbling Goat are delicious. I wrote about happy hour at Stumbling Goat Bistro once before but I failed to do it justice. I went back this weekend as was totally wowed by those creamy/crunchy croquettes as well as the collard greens. They also have a Presbyterian (excellent warm weather cocktail) on the HH cocktail menu, and while it can’t compare to Jamie Boudreau’s, it is pretty tasty. The bartender, it must also be said, was totally lovely. I still find the décor a little sad, but I minded less this time—in the pretty light of a sunny Seattle spring evening, even heavy drapes and emerald green wall-to-wall look okay.

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