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A Cocktail that Celebrates…Your Notice of Termination

The Pink Door "goes there" with a new drink called the Pink Slip.

March 4, 2009

A drink with which to drown your sorrows.

Too soon? Jacqueline Roberts, owner of the Pink Door and figure at the center of the Obama-rama cocktail controversy, is cashing in on recession blues with a drink she’s calling the Pink Slip, a prosecco-topped mixture of pink grapefruit juice and a touch of Campari. “We needed a bitter element because it’s bitter to get fired,” Roberts told Seattle Met reporter Kristin Okinaka.

Roberts explained to Okinaka that the idea came when a bunch of as-of-yesterday Seattle Times employees stumbled into the Pink Door to drown their layoff sorrows. (Drinking and getting fired: is anyone surprised to find journalists in this story?) Hoping to add some “mirth and comfort” to the very mirthless, comfortless experience of losing your job, Roberts priced the fizzy drink at $6.75—a low charge at a bar where the average drink runs about $8. (Roberts also recently introduced $7 recession lunch specials, Okinaka reports.)

Two weeks after she introduced the Pink Slip, Roberts says word has gotten out and people are showing up specifically to sample it. If the drink seems a little flip in this era of doom and gloom, Roberts hasn’t noticed. She told Okinawa she’s still too busy stewing over November’s Obama-rama rip off.

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