Cheap, fast, delish

Downtown Lunching?

Have I got a joint for you

By Kathryn Robinson March 24, 2009

Boy, did I miss a winner when compiling my list of great stop-in downtown luncheries in Seattle Met’s April issue.

(An issue that hasn’t even hit the stands yet but that you can read this minute online.)

It’s called Cafe Pho, and—in addition to selling a killer banh-mi, loaded with crisp vegetables and pickled things and marinated, grilled pork and plenty of fresh cilantro—it’s a model of some of the most startling lunchtime efficiency I’ve ever experienced.

Yeah, it’s a sit-down place, and all the tables will be filled when you arrive. Really. Always. But by the time you have your food—like 4.5 minutes—a table will have miraculously opened, and you’ll be mopping up your greasy pho-drenched lips by the time most of your officemates have gotten their orders in Q’doba or Quiznos or whatnot.

And it’s cheap, under $4 for a banh mi (which is about double what you get banh-mi for in the ID—but still cheap) and very, very flavorful.

So what other great downtown lunch joints did I leave out? C’mon, give.

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