If you’re at all into beer, you must have noticed the current obsession with Belgian brews. In an article for Seattle Met’s April issue, we talked to Roddy Lindquist, general manager at Quinn’s, who has spent the last year+ tracking down obscure Trappist ales—beers that can be crazy hard to come by since most of the Trappist breweries are nonprofit and have no real incentive to send them over here.

Meanwhile a bunch of local breweries are trying their hand at Belgian-style brews. Redhook just mixed their second batch of their criminally delicious trippel, to debut in April. Elysian has the Bête Blanche trippel, which comes out in summer, and Pike Brewing just announced they are going to make the Monk’s Uncle, formerly a spring seasonal, a year-round brew. They’re also going to start using the same strain of Belgian yeast (from famed monastery Westmalle) to make their Tandem Double. Newish Greenwood brewery Naked City has a series called the City Series, four beers made in the Belgian tradition—the dubbel is currently on tap at the brewpub.

If you don’t know much about the whole bière Belge thing but would like to try some, I suggest heading over to Pike Street Beer and Wine, a frankly amazing little shop stuffed with by-the-bottle beers, so you can sample all kinds of new brews on the cheap. And it wouldn’t be a post about Belgian beer if I didn’t mention Fremont’s Brouwers Café and sister shop Bottleworks in Wallingford.

In other beer news: tomorrow is the Washington Cask Beer Festival at Seattle Center. I understand that tickets are basically sold out, but that they’ll be releasing a limited batch for the second session, which begins at 6, around 2pm. Its $40 at the door but, wow, what an amazing opportunity to sample casks from some of the country’s best breweries. Hope you get in.

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